Find Fitting Ways to Personalize the Services for Funeral and Cremation in Skiatook, OK 

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When designing final arrangement services for someone dear to you, it is natural to want the services to reflect the extraordinary life and legacy this person lived and left. However, when you are making plans for services like funeral and cremation in Skiatook, OK, you'll need to find unique ways to honor their memory in traditional or nontraditional formats.

Customizing final services is a healing way to say goodbye and has many known benefits for those now facing life after losing a close relative or friend. There is no need to incur overbearing financial expenses to care for these final needs and services. Even classic, simple events can be tailored in such a way that can help to bring closure and a sense of acceptance regarding this new reality.

What Kinds of Options Are Available with Funeral and Cremation in Skiatook, OK

You might be surprised how events can vary. But just what sorts of options are there? Let's explore a few solutions you could pursue, knowing that there are even more than this.

Funeral Services : Events such as a funeral are common and have been used for centuries upon centuries. Funerals are honoring events that help you remember the life that has been lived and draw those who share the loss together. The funeral service and any related events are all completed prior to the final disposition of the deceased remains. Because of this, funerals are planned and carried out under a reasonably quick timetable in most cases.

Full Funeral Service Options: Traditionally, complete funeral services include at least a few related events. A funeral wake (also called visitation) gives mourners a chance to express condolences to the closest relations and pay a final tribute to the deceased at the casket's side. The body could be prepared for a public presentation with embalming, which cleans and temporarily preserves the corpse. It is also possible for the casket to remain closed for the visitation. After the funeral itself, the party could proceed together via vehicle procession to the burial site for a committal service. In some cases, a reception will be offered after that.

Memorial Services: Unlike a funeral, a memorial service offers the honoring ceremony after the body has already been cared for. It also serves well in those complicated circumstances when the deceased's body was not able to be recovered for some reason. Because it is not tied to this need, the memorial service can be scheduled much later than the death date. If your family feels the need to have more time to plan the services or allow your family and friends to schedule time to attend, a memorial service can provide that leeway.

Cremation Services: Cremation is one way to prepare the deceased's body for final disposition. The body is burned and processed in a cremation until only a few pounds of material remain. These are commonly called "ashes" or "cremated remains." The matter consists of the hardest portions of the skeleton that did not thoroughly burn. The bones are ground into tiny, unrecognizable pieces in their final state. Cremations are legally and respectfully carried out, and reputable providers will offer as much transparency in the process as possible.

Combining different service options is a great way to ensure that you are getting all of the benefits available and honoring the needs of the family and any known wishes of the deceased. An excellent example would be the combination of services for a funeral and cremation in Skiatook, OK. All funerary events should be completed first. The body can even be embalmed and presented for viewing if that is wanted. After the funeral services are finished, the cremation is handled. A rental casket that is clean and fresh will be available if you go this route.

Expand the Reach of Services by Utilizing Modern Service Additions

There are many beautiful ways to add to final arrangement services in the digital age. A web-published obituary that can be posted on social media or emailed to contacts has greatly simplified sharing news of the death and inviting interested parties to the services. Multimedia presentations of video clips, photographs, and favorite playlists and songs can be cathartic additions to the services. They also double and meaningful keepsakes. Many options are in place for live streaming funerary events for those who cannot attend physically for any reason.

Make Plans for Immediate or Future Needs

Immediate needs will be attended to at any time of day or night all year long at Stumpff Funeral Home & Crematory. However, if a known death is upcoming or far distant, it is possible to make plans for future needs with funeral and cremation in Skiatook, OK. This can bring peace of mind for you right now and support to your family after you are gone. Please call us to get help for current or more distant deathcare needs today.