History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Today our family remains dedicated to honoring your loved ones with care and understanding.  Dedicated to the core values of integrity, respect, loyal relationships and excellence in service, we apply these values to our interactions with your family and our co-workers to provide the finest funeral and cremation options for families like yours every day since 1966.

Our Valued Staff

  • Keith  Stumpff

    Keith Stumpff Funeral Director

    Keith Stumpff started his career dream as a young 8 year old boy. He met a funeral director when his father died that made such an impact that it was the inspiration for the family business. Born and raised in Missouri, Keith moved to Bartlesville to attend Oklahoma Christian College. He continued his education and Graduated from Dallas Institute of Mortuary Science.
    Keith is a veteran of the US Army where he served during the Vietnam War era as a Memorial Activities Specialist. After his service he returned to Bartlesville and established the Stumpff Funeral Home in 1966.
    Keith has been a long standing member of the Woodland Church of Christ, Masonic Lodge, Akdar Shrine and the Oklahoma and National Funeral Directors Association.
    He met and married Doris Harrison in 1958. They had two children Kim and David, and two Granddaughters that he hopes will be the third generation and legacy of his business. Keith was widowed after an untimely death of his wife, Doris, in 2002.
    Today, Keith currently lives in Tulsa with his wife, Ruth and still plays an active role in the business.

  • Scott Guynan Holz

    Scott Guynan Holz General Manager- Scott@Stumpff.org

    Scott Guynan Holz was born and raised on a farm/ranch in rural Nebraska. He attended Mid-Plains Community College in North Platte, Nebraska with a pre-mortuary science degree then finished his education at the Dallas Institute of Funeral Service in Dallas, Texas in February of 1992. He then moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1992 and managed funeral homes.
    Scott has two daughters, Sarah from Ft. Collins, Colorado and Savannah from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He also has a dog named Hank.
    Scott is the General Manager of Stumpff Funeral Homes in Bartlesville, Nowata and Barnsdall, Oklahoma and has been with us since November of 2015.
    Scott enjoys traveling and taking trips on his motorcycle.

  • Gordon Edward House

    Gordon Edward House Funeral Director- stumpffh@cableone.net

    Gordon (Ed) House was born and raised in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Ed attended Bartlesville Wesleyan then completed his education at the University of Central Oklahoma.
    Ed has served on several boards and committees. He is a former member of the Bartlesville Ambulance Commission, former member of the Bartlesville Jaycees and the Bartlesville Sertoma Club. Ed was also a member of the Bartlesville Police Reserve from 1977-2011 as served as a member of the Bartlesville Police Department Special Operations Team. He is a member of the Noon Rotary Club and the Hillcrest Country Club. Ed attends church at Bartlesville Southern Baptist.
    Ed is married to Paula House and has 2 daughters, Amber Beffer and Jodi Beffer and 2 sons, Nick Beffer and Joe Beffer. He also has 4 grandchildren, Hudson, Sam, Abigail and Cooper.
    Ed has been with Stumpff Funeral Home since 1969. He is currently a funeral director.

  • Keith E House

    Keith E House Funeral Director- stumpfffh@cableone.net

    Keith E House was born and raised in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and graduated high school at Sooner High School in 1973. He then attended Central State University with an Associate’s Degree in Funeral Service Education and graduated in 1975.
    He has served on numerous boards in the Skiatook area and is presently serving on the Daybreak Rotary Club in Bartlesville since 2012 and is a member of the Church of Christ.
    Keith is married to Debbie House and has three dogs, Silas, Gracie and Kiwi.
    He enjoys sports. He is an avid OU fan and is a season ticket holder for OU football. He also enjoys fishing and spending time at the lake with family and friends.
    Keith’s parents were Mr. and Mrs. Roy House, former grocery store manager and operator in Bartlesville, Dewey and Copan, Tower IGA, Ray’s Thrifty Wise in Dewey, and owner-operator of Copan Grocery until selling the business to their son, James House. His mother was Delores (Moon) Angel who formerly worked for Dr. Gentry, Dr. Bryngelson, Zeiders and Smith at the Orthopaedic Clinic of Bartlesville and later Dr. Craig. In addition to his wife Debbie, Keith has a brother, Ed House of Stumpff Funeral Home whom he followed into the business in 1970, and a sister Merri Murphy, of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Ed and Keith’s younger brother was James House and he passed away in 2009.

  • Shelia  Tucker

    Shelia Tucker Client Services and Accounting Administrator- Shelia@stumpff.org

    Shelia Tucker is an Oklahoma native, graduating from College High in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. She studied theology at Evangeline Booth College in Atlanta, Georgia; she also completed course work at the Oklahoma School of Natural Healing and obtained a degree in Business Management at Tulsa Community College.
    Shelia has served with the Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry, Tulsa Area Agency on Aging and also with The Salvation Army.
    Shelia has been with Stumpff Funeral Home since 1999, working in our Tulsa office for 16 years and has recently joined our Bartlesville location as our Client Services and Accounting Administrator.

  • Lindsey McClain

    Lindsey McClain Receptionist- info@stumpff.org

    Lindsey McClain grew up in Wann, Oklahoma and now resides in South Coffeyville, Oklahoma. She graduated from Oklahoma Wesleyan University.
    Lindsey served as a mayor of Wann, Oklahoma for 5 years.
    Lindsey is married to Jason McClain and has two daughters, Abbigail and Jemma, both of South Coffeyville, Oklahoma. She attends church at South Coffeyville First Baptist Church.
    Lindsey enjoys shopping, spending time with her daughters and reading in her spare time.
    Lindsey has been with Stumpff Funeral home since September 2016 and is a receptionist.

  • June Katherine Olson

    June Katherine Olson Receptionist- info@stumpff.org

    June was born and raised in Bartlesville. She has two children, David Hewitt and Becky Hawkins. June also has two grandsons, Alex and Nick Hewitt.
    June enjoys playing golf and gardening in her free time.
    June has been with Stumpff Funeral Home since January 2017.

  • Clayton Vance Reich

    Clayton Vance Reich Funeral Assistant- stumpfffh@cableone.net

    Clayton Vance Reich is an Oklahoma native and grew up in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Clay attended Oklahoma State Tech. He moved to Bartlesville in April of 2004.
    Currently residing in Bartlesville, he is married to Linda Louise Reich and is the father of three children, Justin Reich, Mendee Perry and Blake Brown. He is the grandfather of Keegan, Karina and Kendell Brown.
    Clay enjoys working on old cars, welding and upholstery.
    Clay has been with Stumpff Funeral Home since December of 2006 and is a funeral assistant.

  • Howard Paul Evans

    Howard Paul Evans Family Services

    Howard went to school until eighth grade in Joplin, Missouri before moving to Bartlesville, where he graduated from College High School. He then left Bartlesville in 1970 and attended Central Institute of Technology. He then returned to Bartlesville in 2015. Howard is married to Donna K. Merchant and he has four children Sterling Evans, Lincoln Evans, Zane Evans and Reagan Tedrow. He also has eight grandchildren Samantha Evans, Ashlyn Evans, Blaze Evans, Lincoln Evans Jr., Sawyer Evans, Aubree Evans, Mitchell Tedrow and Morgan Tedrow. Howard enjoys golfing and coin collecting in his free time.
    Howard has been with Stumpff Funeral Home since August of 2017.

  • Clint  Coker

    Clint Coker Funeral Assistant- info@stumpff.org

    Clint Coker was born and raised in Tulsa then moved to Ogelsby, Oklahoma in 1995.
    Clint attends church at First Baptist Church in Ochelata.
    He is married to Tammy Coker and together they have three children, Scarlett, Joseph and Trenton.
    Clint enjoys hunting, fishing and camping with his family.
    Clint has been with Stumpff Funeral Home since March of 2009 and is a Funeral Assistant.

  • Charles  McKnight

    Charles McKnight Funeral Assistant- info@stumpff.org

    Charles McKnight grew up in Houston, Texas before moving to Bartlesville in 1981. He attended Central Bible College Extension in Kansas City.
    Charles has served on numerous church related boards and committees and was in the ministry for 55 years from 1961-2016. He was a pastor for 32 of those years. He was also a missionary in Brazil and in Africa. He attends church at Spirit Church in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
    Charles was married to Judy McKnight for 48 years before she passed away in 2014. He has a daughter, Angela Willis from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and one son, Stephen McKnight from Manila, Philippines.
    He enjoys reading biographies, autobiographies, true crime and crime fiction in his spare time.
    Charles has been with Stumpff Funeral Home since 2014 and is a Funeral Assistant.

  • William  Hewitt

    William Hewitt Funeral Assistant- info@stumpff.org

    William (Bill) Hewitt was born in Nowata, Oklahoma and moved to Bartlesville in 1971. He attended Northeastern State College.
    He served on the Dewey Board of Education for five years.
    Bill has one son, David Hewitt and one daughter, Rebecca Hawkins.
    He enjoys golfing in his free time.
    Bill has been with Stumpff Funeral Home since 2003 and is a part time funeral assistant.

  • Ralph Jackson

    Ralph Jackson Funeral Assistant- info@stumpff.org

    Ralph Jackson was born and raised in Kentucky then moved to Bartlesville, Oklahoma in 1995. He attended various colleges to earn a degree in design and engineering.
    Ralph has served on several church committees and is a member of the Church of Christ in Dewey, Oklahoma.
    Ralph is married to Margaret and they have two daughters, Janet and Lisa. They also have 5 grandchildren, Rebekah, Collin, Benjamin, Andrea and Lauren.
    Ralph enjoys reading and writing in his free time.
    Ralph has been with Stumpff Funeral Home since 2015 and is a Funeral Assistant.

  • Elaine  Banes

    Elaine Banes Hostess- info@stumpff.org

    Elaine Banes was born and raised in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and is a member of the First Wesleyan Church in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
    She is happily single and has four children and 7 grandchildren.
    Elaine enjoys spending time with her family, swimming, boating, water-skiing, watching sports and traveling with friends.
    Elaine is a hostess and has been with Stumpff Funeral Home since 2014.

  • Jodi Lynne Beffer

    Jodi Lynne Beffer Hostess- info@stumpff.org

    Jodi Lynne Beffer grew up in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and has since made her home in Dewey, Oklahoma. She attended Northeastern State University. Jodi is also a 3rd grade teacher at Dewey Public School. Jodi serves on a technology committee at the school as well as being the chair of the Staff Development Committee for their school district.
    Jodi attends Dewey United Methodist Church.
    She enjoys spending time with family and friends, going to the theater, Pinterest projects, listening to music and watching TV.
    Jodi has been with Stumpff Funeral Home since 2011.

  • Suzanne Dobbs

    Suzanne Dobbs Hostess-info@stumpff.org

    Suzanne grew up in Wann, Oklahoma and moved to Bartlesville in 2009. She is married to Rick Dobbs and she has two daughters, Lindsey McClain and Katy Rivers. She also has three grandchildren, Abbigail, Jude and Jemma.
    Suzanne enjoys gardening and baking.
    Suzanne has been with Stumpff since March of 2017.

  • Michelle Abbott

    Michelle Abbott Family Service Coordinator- info@stumpff.org

    Michelle grew up in Springfield, Missouri and moved to Nowata in 2006. She is married to Wendell Abbott, Pastor of First Church of God in Nowata and has three children, Danielle Thomas, Dylan Thomas and Brant Abbott. She also has one grandchild, Annadean McGuire.
    Michelle enjoys water sports, horseback riding, ranching, gardening and playing with her grand baby.
    Michelle has been with Stumpff in Nowata since March of 2017.

  • Jacki Cox

    Jacki Cox Family Services

    Jacki grew up in Oolagah and in Nowata. She is married to Bob Cox and has two children, Lavone Hicks and Robert Cox. She has four grandchildren Ryan, Kyle, Zena and Andy. She also has five great grandchildren which she is very proud of. Jacki enjoys baking, woodworking and doing yard work in her free time. Jacki attends worship at First Church of God in Nowata.
    Jacki has been with Stumpff in Nowata since August of 2017.