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Pre-planning Questions

Q: Can pre-arrangements be made for cremation?
A: Yes. Pre-planning ensures your family wonít be left to plan and pay for your final expenses. By deciding the details now, you will save your family stress and heartache later. Plus, youíll take comfort knowing your wishes will be followed down to the smallest detail. Pre-planning also allows you to lock in services and merchandise at todayís prices.
Q: Can I make pre-arrangements for someone else?
A: Yes. If it will be up to you to plan the funeral of your parent or another loved one, itís a wise choice to start planning now. It ensures you wonít be left to hastily plan a funeral, guessing at what he or she would have wanted.  Pre-planning for Others

Q: How can I make pre-arrangements?
A: To schedule a free pre-planning consultation, call us at, or get started today with our convenient online form.
Online Pre-Arrangement Form.

Get started right away with our Online Pre-Arrangement Form or call (918) 333-4300 or contact Ed House, Funeral Director & Certified Pre-Planner by using this convenient contact us form.    Contact Us

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