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Pre-Planning: The Ultimate Peace of Mind

Pre-Planning for a Family Member
If you know youíll be responsible for planning a loved oneís funeral, why not go ahead and start planning now? By pre-planning your loved oneís service today, you will avoid the stress and heartache that comes with planning a last-minute funeral down the road. If you donít pre-plan, you may end up guessing about what he or she might have wanted.

When you choose to plan ahead, youíll have the opportunity to discuss with your loved one what kind of service he or she wants. As you walk through the pre-planning process, ask your loved one these questions:

  • Do you want to be buried or cremated?
  • If you want to be cremated, do you want your ashes to be kept in an urn?
  • Or is there special place where youíd like to have your ashes scattered?
  • Where do you want to be buried?
  • What kind of memorial service would you like to have?
  • A small, simple gathering or a large, elaborate service?
  • A traditional funeral or a unique life celebration?
When you plan ahead, you wonít be left struggling with these questions or arguing with other family members when the time comes.

Pre-planning for a loved one offers countless advantages, including:

  • It ensures you arenít left with the stress of hastily planning a loved oneís last-minute funeral.
  • It guarantees your loved oneís final wishes are followed precisely.
  • It allows you to save money by locking in services and merchandise at todayís prices.
  • It ensures that you and your family members arenít left arguing over what you think your loved one wanted.
Pre-planning for a loved one may seem like an intimidating process, but the experts at Stumpff Funeral Home can help. Weíll guide you through the pre-planning process and create a plan that fits your unique needs and budget. We can also transfer your pre-arrangement plans from another funeral home for significant savings.

Pre-arrangement plans that include pre-funding of your final expenses freeze the costs at todayís prices. You will receive a lifetime guarantee that is all you will ever pay. We offer no-interest payment plans to make it easy. All pre-funded plans are safely protected according to the laws of the State of Oklahoma and issued through our pre-planning partner American Century Life, our own subsidiary in Tulsa.

Get started right away with our Online Pre-Arrangement Form.

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